Kim Cakebread — Face and Body Art — Adelaide, South Australia

Special Effects

Want to look like you have just come off a special effects movie set.

Not everyone wants to look like a fairy.

If you want to look like a crash victim, our special effects team will work its magic.

With the use of latex and other equipment and mediums, the possibilities are endless.

These are attachments in the form of horns, masks, privacy covers, gore and fake jewellery. They add a 3-D aspect to body art.

Prosthetic pieces are added to the face or body using cosmetic adhesive which can be removed by using baby oil or alcohol swabs. They are painted with the surrounding skin to dramatic effect resulting in pure fantasy images.

The model may then be immortalised in our studio with a professional photography package or wear it as a costume to attend a fancy dress party.

This is an absolutely unique experience where make-up can create:

  • grazes;
  • cuts;
  • bullet holes;
  • scars;
  • stitches;
  • false piercings; and
  • altered facial features.

Blood and Gore is always a fun alternative.

Themed parties for Halloween, New Years, Fetes and private functions is Kim's specialty.

Contact Kim to discuss your specific requirements.