Kim Cakebread — Face and Body Art — Adelaide, South Australia

Glitter Tattoos

An exciting new alternative, using cosmetic grade glitters and body adhesive. These are hand painted or stenciled with a prosthetic glue or latex and then covered with cosmetic grade glitters. They can be one or multi-coloured as you wish. Glitter tattoos are shiny, dazzling and glamorous adornments for the exposed areas of the body.

They are not designed for use on the face.

Glitter tattoos are also available in UV colours that glow under Black-light-blue “disco” lighting. These appear matt and do not have the same shiny quality in regular lighting situations.

Corporate and sporting events can make use of these tattoos to promote their products/ services logos, especially effective, as they are longwearing. This is guaranteed to attract a crowd and your company logo becomes a walking advertisement.

They are washable and can last up to 5 days if treated properly.

Glitter Tattoos are the latest rage at parties, by the pool and suitable for both children and adult crowds. The designs are endless we use both stencils and free hand techniques.

Mums and Dads will love not having to wash off our groovy designs and the kids will love showing them off at school the next day, however to remove, use alcohol swabs or baby oil.

Airbrush Tattoos

We offer airbrushed tattoos (electrical supply required for the compressor) in black temporary ink sprayed through stencils. Additionally we can create the look of airbrushed tattoos with a dabbing method through the same stencils using coloured inks without the use of electrical power.

Multi-coloured temporary tattoos that resemble real ones: outlines are applied with transfers from a selection board and the fill colours are hand painted by brush. Unique artwork can be designed to suit your needs, painted free hand with a brush and specially formulated paintable ink.

All temporary ink tattoos are set with a dusting of talc when completed. To maintain them over a prolonged period of time the tattoos should be dusted with talc before bed and also after gentle washing and patted dry. To remove easily, wipe tattoo with alcohol swab or baby oil.

Henna Tattoos

Traditionally these are applied to the hands, feet and belly. Adorning the expectant mother or bride-to-be in their special time, Henna Tattoos are popular at private gatherings where people have time to feel pampered. Henna paste takes a short time to dry out and leave its distinctive tea coloured stain on the skin. It is during the drying process that people must remain inactive or risk smudging the paste. Henna designs are typically intricate and can be styled to traditional or modern design motifs. The stain will last for about a week depending on exfoliation practices. Hen’s nights and baby showers attract this kind of entertainment option.

Old Meets New

Henna art embellishes the skin as a decorative tattoo coupled with a photographic package allows you to have a keepsake of that special moment in time.

Our studio is available for bookings with a professional photographer.

Contact Kim to discuss your specific requirements.