Kim Cakebread — Face and Body Art — Adelaide, South Australia

Face Painting

Bring the imagination to life!

Face painting has become an integral element to the entertainment lineup at celebrations of all kinds. Adding excitement, colour and life to a party, it serves as an icebreaker and medium of self-expression for the guests.

It is a meeting place where people naturally gather to watch faces being transformed into a character or design of beauty.

Kim makes the painting process a pleasant experience for each individual. It is a moment for one-on-one: sharing a charming interaction, friendly chat, witty banter, song or laughter. Kim strives to engage their sense of wonderment, fantasy or adventure.

Each individual leaves the chair feeling special and they are ready to join the party.

A typical scenario would be: a child decides “I want to be a Tiger today”. He or she sees his or her new reflection in the mirror, the role-play element kicks in and they feel the freedom to swipe and “Ggrrrr” at anyone they meet.

Strict standards of hygiene are maintained. Sponges are kept clean, one per individual face painting. Only cosmetic grade glitters and professional quality face and body paints are used.

Kim can create whatever design you request, the choices are limitless. Children and adults will love wearing her designs.

Face painting is not just restricted to the face.

Kim would be happy to paint an arm, leg, back, shoulder or wherever you would like to display our artwork.

Kim also has Ultra Violet colours available for special effects at night clubs and evening events.

Face Painters are a draw card to any event or party.

Kim has years of experience and can create the most unique art.

Themed Parties can have Kim dressed in character to roam amongst the guests.

Contact Kim to discuss whatever your special occasion may require.