Kim Cakebread — Face and Body Art — Adelaide, South Australia

Body Painting Competitions

These are designed to showcase the work of professional body painters and give them a platform to share their passion with fellows and the rest of the world.

People of quality within the industry judge the competitions:

  • Master Body Painters;
  • Events Managers;
  • Stylists; and
  • Film Industry Specialists.

The artists compete in categories and work to a common theme:

  • Sponge and Brushmaster;
  • Ultra Violet;
  • Special Effects;
  • Face Painting; and even
  • Hair Styling Competitions

Most body art competitions have a six-hour time limit in which to complete a design covering 80% to 100% of the body (rules may vary).

The judges look at a points based assessment of the art broken down into components:

  • creative interpretation of theme;
  • quality of painting techniques;
  • composition of design to fit the shape of the body; and
  • overall appeal of the piece.

The artists introduce themselves and their model and talk briefly about the theme and artwork to the judges. The models are photographed and then perform on stage to a short piece of music chosen to reflect the feel of the interpretation of theme as depicted by the artist. There may be further entertainment; speeches and finally the winners are awarded.

Kim has attended and or competed at the following events:

  • Australian Body Art Awards and Convention in Daylesford, VIC;
  • Melbourne Body Art Competition, VIC;
  • Coopers Body Painting Championships in Adelaide SA;
  • Body Canvas in Melbourne VIC, which is a celebrity gala fundraiser for breast cancer research;
  • Urban Chalk Art Festival and Double Bay Food and Art Festival in Sydney, NSW; and
  • Enchanted Winterland (South Australian Living Arts)

There are other competitions run across Australia and other countries around the world that Kim is yet to attend.

Kim is happy to be a part of the community of Australian Artists who have chosen Face and Body Art as a profession and take pride in achieving excellence in the field.

Contact Kim to discuss your specific requirements.