Kim Cakebread — Face and Body Art — Adelaide, South Australia

Body Art (18+ may contain nudity)

You may choose to have Body Art as part of your entertainment line-up for an adult costume party or masquerade. There’s a hum of excitement as guests have their arm, face, back, neckline, midriff or ankle decorated to suit the occasion...great as an ice-breaker.

At a private or formal event, Body Art can be the dress-code for your waiting staff, door greeters or dance performers (wearing tasteful coverings, underwear or nipple covers). Models can arrive at your event pre-painted and ready to work at the event. Alternatively models can be painted in front of your guests as a performance, attraction or display. Prosthetics can be incorporated into the costuming of the body-art (cost additional) to suit theme or for modesty reasons at public locations.

Pictorial concepts can be designed and tailored to suit your needs. With loads of unique ideas and a skillful photographer, we are pleased to offer personalized artwork using your body as the canvas. It’s a new and unusual form of expression, a fantasy image, reflecting your style and taste. A moment captured for you to treasure or as a gift for your loved one. Why not send out greeting cards featuring yourself, painted to look outrageous, fun or themed to the season?

Body Art may contain nudity but it doesn’t have to:

  • modesty covers, props, cloths and so forth are available if required.
  • Pregnant mothers may like a bump painting to commemorate that special time of anticipation before the birth.

Photographic and body art sessions can be arranged for individual or group shots.


  • Masquerade faces 15minutes per face (may include gems)
  • Horror or specialty faces take30 minutes per face or longer depending on detail/use of add-ons or special FX.
  • 1 hour body — part body designs (basic statues, corsets, tribal sleeve)
  • 2 hour body — part body designs (marbled or wooden statues, baby bump plus face or neck or graffiti design torso)
  • 4 hour full body designs (stocking, gloves, corset, face and hair)
  • 6 hour full body designs (competitions entries)

Capture everlasting moments such as pregnancy, youth and great pet moments. Your imagination is the only limit.

A body painting package would make the perfect gift. Kim can create a personalised design or you may select from her portfolio for ideas and inspiration.

Contact Kim to discuss your specific requirements.