Kim Cakebread — Face and Body Art — Adelaide, South Australia

Balloon Twisting

Stardust the Clown and friends like to rove around Shopping Centres and public events making simple (single) balloons into many enchanting playful shapes as gifts to patrons whilst promoting the venue or sponsor providing this service.

On average, about 45 twisted balloons per hour can be handed out, an effective way to please many people and leave a lasting impression.

At small scale events more complex balloon creations make enchanting toys or take home gifts. Each sculpture can take 5 to 10 minutes to make and use several balloons in their composition. They can be made very complex and to a grand scale depending on requirements and of course take longer to make.

These are ideal as featured centre-pieces or hospital gifts for people with pollen allergies. Carefully kept these may last a few weeks as they slowly diminish in size but maintain their shape well.

Balloon twisting in addition to face painting is the most popular entertainment combo for parties. One hour should be enough time to have a dozen faces painted and simple balloon made for each guest.

Kim's team are frequently seen twisting balloons at shopping centres, bistros, sporting events, birthday parties and company Xmas parties...anywhere that could do with a touch of colour.

Something Unique

Twisted balloons are a great complement to face painting and the combination go down well at children’s parties.

The face painting gets the crowd warmed up, encouraging role-play action to start the festivities.

The balloons (are an enchanting alternative for the non-paintees) become take-home as gifts for the guests as well as adding to the atmosphere of fun and excitement whilst at the party.

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